Ladislav Siska on the Gauss 7 Studio Monitors

Ladislav Siska opines on the Gauss 7 Studio Monitors from Avantone Pro

Why Gauss 7?

This guest article comes to us from our good friends and distribution partners in the Czech Republic, DISK Multimedia!

Ladislav Šiška is a great musician, composer and always a good-humored guy. He decided to upgrade his home studio with another pair of nearfield monitors. His intention was to purchase versatile monitors for recording, post-production and mastering.

After a short consultation with DISK, he decided to go with Gauss 7 from Avantone Pro. After using them for some time, Ladislav took the time to write back to DISK with the following:

As a professional and studio drummer I decided to build my own home studio to record my own music and also that of other clients. When I was thinking about which studio monitors would be best for my needs, I knew I would need monitors for clean, balanced listening but also for post-production of acoustic instrument recordings. I also couldn't forget that I wanted to get a little closer to the sound of the legendary Yamaha NS-10 studio monitors.

That's why I asked for advice to the experts at DISK Multimedia, who (based on my requirements) recommended Gauss 7 active studio monitors from the American company Avantone Pro. Listening to them, I was pleasantly surprised by the full mid-bass balance and the clear sound of higher frequencies; such as the strings of an acoustic guitar or the sounds of cymbals. The more I listened to them, the more they continued to amaze and surprise me with their sonic balance. 

At this price/performance ratio the Gauss 7 monitors sound amazing and I can only highly recommend them!

—Drummer, percussionist, composer, and sound designer - MgA. Ladislav Siska

About Ladislav Siska

Czech musician, composer, teacher and versatile studio player. After studying percussion at the Brno Conservatory and graduating from the JAMU Music Academy, he played in several musical formations such as Animé, DamaDama, Samamba, Svítání, collaborated with the legendary Javory Petra Ulrycha, Vlasta Redl, Slávek Janoušek, Petr Vít, Pavel Fajt, Bohouš Josef, Petra Černocká and many others.

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