PK1 Pro Klamp

Drum Rim Microphone Mount


Say goodbye to spatial and sonic clutter.

Avantone’s ingenious PK1 Pro Klamp drum rim mount provides mic placement that’s isolated from vibrations, secure, and out of the way. The PK-1 eliminates the need for boom stands that only add clutter, set up and breakdown time. Much more than a “live performance setting only” solution, the PK-1 features a durable steel frame, with three vibration deadening contact points-ensuring professional quality results, suitable for the most demanding studio engineer/producers. The PK-1 attaches fast and easy providing a firm grip that won’t drift from the sweet spot. When used with the Avantone SSM shock mount, there has never been such fast, easy, and complete drum mic placement/decoupling system. 

Note: The PK-1 will not damage or discolor drum rims, regardless of finish. 

Gauss 7