AV10 MHF Aged

Custom-Aged Replacement Tweeter for Avantone Pro CLA-10 / Yamaha™ NS-10M™

US PRICE: $139

Aged Authenticity

The AV10-MHF Aged is a faithful re-creation of the original NS-10 high-frequency driver. We treated our best-selling AV10 MHF with an aging process to match the sound of the best vintage specimens. 

Since the iconic NS-10 was discontinued, the supply of aftermarket components has become more and more expensive and less and less available. All the while, high-frequency drivers in the field are rapidly deteriorating due to years of in-studio use, making buying used drivers a questionable proposition. 

No need to spend decades breaking in your current drivers; Avantone Pro has done that work for you. 

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Aged but not Old.

We didn’t arrive at the tonal character of the AV10 MHF Aged by putting a cloned tweeter through any kind of harsh break-in process that could loosen fibers and glue while simultaneously shortening the life of the speaker. Instead, we developed an elaborate pre-texturizing process that accurately simulates the behavior and voicing of a 30-year old original NS-10M Studio driver that has been around the block a few times. 

The benefits of this approach are twofold. First, you won’t be buying a speaker that is already “used” and worn-out from a break-in procedure re-creating 30 years of use. Secondly, our texturization process adds weight and strength to both the surround and cone, simultaneously ensuring long life while creating the desired voicing. 

The AV10-MHF Aged replacement speakers sound correct the day you install them, and they won’t lose their voicing over time due to mechanical fatigue over years of long mix sessions.

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The CLA Monitor Family — Only from Avantone.

We’ve worked tirelessly to bring this classic monitor system back to the world — but it took more than just recreating a single speaker. A tremendous amount of attention has been put into every detail: matching the original MDF and wood veneer for the cabinet, matching the original winding dimensions/value/dc resistance of the inductors, profiling the most popular amplifier pairings of the original, just to name a few things. All of this development has culminated into a slew of monitor solutions.

The CLA-10 and CLA-10A: the iconic “white cone” monitors, in both passive and active configurations.

The CLA-100 and CLA-200: reference amplifiers with the perfect voicing to compliment the CLA-10 and original “white cones”

AV10 MHF and AV10 MLF: the classic “white cone” drivers — now available for the first time in decades as direct replacements for the original.

AV10 MXO: replacement crossover for original Yamaha™ NS10M™ studio monitors.

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  • Perfect replacement tweeter for NS10M, CLA-10, and CLA-10A monitors

  • Proprietary texturization process for classic voicing and long life

  • Easy installation